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[inter]sections » [Inter]sections No. 9 (2010)

Here you can download [Inter]sections No. 9 (2010).

[Inter]sections is the peer-reviewed quarterly journal of the American Studies Program at the University of Bucharest.

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[inter]sections » [Inter]sections No. 8 (2009)

Here you can read  [Inter]sections No.  8 (2009). This is the first peer-reviewed issue of [Inter]sections, the quarterly journal of American Studies at the University of Bucharest

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[inter]sections » Issues 1-7 (not peer reviewed)

Here you can find issues 1-7 of the first online [under]graduate American Studies journal in Romania. These first 7 issues were a monthly non-peer reviewed experiment which set the ground for our current peer-reviewed quarterly publication. We had great fun making them, but had to move on to bigger and better things. We hope you enjoy them.

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