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EVENTS: Monica Cure Talk @ American Culture Week

On November 9, the American Studies Department was pleased to host a guest lecture on the topic “Travel Makes the Thinking Mind More American: Americans Abroad in the 19th Century” by Dr. Monica Cure, U.S. Fulbright Scholar at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Ia??i, Romania.

The event was part of American Culture Week at the University of Bucharest, which was held on November 5-9, 2018.


Please find below a description of the talk and Dr. Cure’s bio.



Part of the function of the discourse of nationalism is to normalize a monolithic national identity whereas critical studies reveal that national identity has always been and continues to be in flux. By examining nineteenth century American travel literature, we can see how in its first century of existence, the United States defined itself in relation to the “Other” of Europe in progressively different ways. In this lecture, we will cover a wide range of American travel writers and observe how each uses travel as a strategy for defining “Americanness”, as well as have an opportunity to discuss ways in which these strategies may or may not be applicable today globally.



Dr. Monica Cure is currently a senior Fulbright Scholar at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Ia??i, Romania. She is a comparativist specializing in late 19th/early 20th century American and British literature and travel narratives, and visual and material culture. Her first book, Picturing the Postcard: A New Media Crisis at the Turn of the Century is set to be released in December by the University of Minnesota Press. Her current research project continues at the intersection of literature and culture, investigating the spirituality of travel through the concept of pilgrimage, mysticism and travel writing.

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Monica Cure Talk @ American Culture Week
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