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STUDENT TESTIMONIES: Student testimonies about the American Studies program


Miguel Angel Villaescusa, University of the Basque Country/ Translation and Interpreting major Erasmus+ scholarship [2018-2019]


"I am not originally part of the American Studies Program, however, I belong to the Foreign Languages Faculty while doing my Erasmus stay. My experience taking classes, both at the first and the second year of the graduate program, has been very rewarding and fulfilling. I have had the chance to take a closer look at topics such as transatlantic imagology or “balkanism” from an unusual and geographically privileged perspective. I have to say that this was really enriching for me as a westerner, on top of being a very nice cross-cultural experience too.

Moreover, I have dived into intercultural predicaments, politics, and similarities in modern America within different communities. In general, classes at the American Studies Program have been an inclusive place where to discuss, present and challenge myself in front of others. The professors have been supportive and open-minded at all times. As a matter of fact, I have always felt welcome as an Erasmus student. The American Studies Program has given me the chance to explore new horizons, points of view, and academic disciplines in a warming intellectual atmosphere."


Sebastian Lins, Erasmus student in Psychology from the University of Trier, Germany [2016-2017]

"My name is Sebastian Lins and I am a student from Germany who came to Romania with the Erasmus Exchange program. I studied American Studies for the first semester in 2016. For me it was a big chance to have a view on many different topics, from Literature, Psychology, History and Anthropology to Linguistics. This multi-perspective view on America was for me the key to get deeper knowledge about the United States and the issues of immigration, colonization and culture, which would not be possible with one single subject. I really enjoyed working with many different methods and many different kinds of texts and would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in the humanities and wants to understand a problem, from many different points of view."


Constance Bourdin, Erasmus student in American Studies and Slavic Studies, The University of Bordeaux, France [2016-2017]

“I had the chance to study in the American Studies Program at the University of Bucharest during the winter semester of the academic year 2016-2017. I studied several topics, such as American Civilization, Visual Arts, Popular Culture, Anthropology, etc., and it was the best academic experience of my life. The American Studies Program offers a pluridisciplinary analysis of the evolution of American society, which is thrilling and essential to understanding the issues and challenges of today's world. I also had the chance to be introduced to gender studies, feminist studies, and ethnic and racial studies that were, for me, a revelation. Within the program, students are accompanied by brilliant, passionate, and open-minded professors who were always very available and accommodating for Erasmus students.

Finally, the American Studies Program enabled me to find something that is missing from my university's classes, and thanks to it, I am now determined to continue along this path of tolerance, open-mindedness, and education. I would definitely recommend the Program to anyone who wants to study something new, refreshing and absolutely fascinating about Humanity.”


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