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EVENTS: Dr. Alf Tomas Tonnessen Talk


On Monday, April 25, 2016, the Center for American Studies at the University of Bucharest had the pleasure of hosting another event on the American presidential elections within the framework of the U.S.A. Today Series. Dr. Alf Tomas Tønnessen, Associate Professor at Volda University College, Norway, delivered a guest lecture entitled Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Trump, and the Endurance of the Republican Southern Strategy. The event was followed by discussions with the participants. 


Please find below the abstract of the lecture and Professor Tønnessen's bio.


Abstract: Taking Donald Trump's victories in the Republican primaries in all the states of the Deep South as a point of departure, the lecture will discuss the endurance of the Republican Southern Strategy in presidential elections. The Democratic Party dominated the South in presidential elections from 1880 until the 1940s, but in recent decades the Republican Party has gained ground, starting with President Eisenhower's success in the Outer South in the 1950s and Barry Goldwater's strong results in the Deep South in 1964. Republicans did well in the South in subsequent presidential elections. The lecture will discuss reasons for the transformation of voting patterns and the endurance of Republican victories in the South, emphasizing significant similarities between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump on racial issues. The lecture will help contextualize the rise of Donald Trump and the impact of Trump's impressive list of primary wins for the Republican Party.


Bio: Alf Tomas Tønnessen is associate professor of American Civilization and English at Volda University College, Norway, and the President of the American Studies Association of Norway and Board member of the Nordic Association for American Studies. He is the author of How Two Political Entrepreneurs Helped Create the American Conservative Movement, 1973-1981: The Ideas of Richard Viguerie and Paul Weyrich (Lewiston, N.Y.: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2009) as well as scholarly articles in American Studies in Scandinaviaand Journal of American Studies (South-Korea). He is currently working on a monograph about the Republican Party's resistance to redistribution of wealth and the rhetoric of anti-Europeanism.

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Dr. Alf Tomas Tonnessen Talk Dr. Alf Tomas Tonnessen Talk
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